Cargodian - Testimonials



Cargodian Trade is a gamechanger for global trade. Trading becomes much more easy with Cargodian. As trusted partner for both, the Buyer and the Seller, Cargodian is ensuring the interest of both parties with transparency and a guaranteed event-based payment. Centuries old and often paper based trade processes are becoming digital.

Senior Consultant, Specialised Lawfirm in Global Trade, USA

We stopped using letters of credit some time ago. It just wasn’t doable anymore, the administration was so intense, and the costs unpredictable. With Cargodian Trade we found a digital alternative to letters of credit, which we are now offering to our customers worldwide. Great local customer support in Malaysia.

CEO, Manufacturing Company and Global Exporter, Malaysia

There is so many complex digital supply chain solutions. And they all try to solve problems I don’t have. Cargodian Trade is exactly what I need to sell my goods globally and ensure that the buyer only receives it once they pay, and I receive only the money once I deliver what I promised to. It’s easy, digital, transparent, and most importantly predictable on the cost side. They don’t speak Spanish (yet) at Cargodian, I hope this will change soon.

CEO, Manufacturing Company and Global Exporter, Spain

Cargodian Trade is transparent and reliable. It works for me. Best thing is the flexibility in currencies at the future dates, this solves our FX headaches and is so easy for our accounting. Wish they would offer more countries; we are importing from 70 different countries.

CEO, Coffee & Tea Trading Co., Germany