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Cargodian Trade

Our digital global trade solution is easy to use, affordable, fast, transparent, secure and cost-efficient. We are democratizing trade finance and giving back control to you – the seller and buyer. Neither banks nor letters of credit are needed for this. Cargodian is not a pre-finance, we deliver a digital embedded finance service and enter the trade settlement as a crosstrader.

Borderless & Paperless

The trade platform is purely digital and paperless. The data is transmitted in real time and both buyer and seller are directly connected in the trade.


Our high level of planning reliability and risk management, as well as our independence from banks, allow us to keep costs low. No other intermediaries are needed, neither for payments nor for currency exchange.

Secured by Blockchain

Validated and compliance-checked entities are given access to a secure Blockchain. Trades will be recorded in an immutable ledger on Hyperledger Fabric technology.

Fast Payments

Payments are initiated on an event-driven and phased basis, subject to the fulfilment of pre-agreed conditions. Cargodian processes payments through the company's own bank accounts.

Behind the Trade

We enable trade by stepping into the trade contract between a buyer and a seller to facilitate step-by-step payments (comparable to a letter of credit, L/C, from banks). Our product is an online web platform, in which either buyer or seller can register “their trade ambition” and then replace the banks’ letter of credit with an alternative product that is not from financial institutions.

We step into the trade ourselves to become buyer and seller; hence, guarding your cargo while you streamline your business to capitalise on this digital transformation. We provide a digital platform to help you move quicker, reduce cost, minimise risk and rebuild trust in global trading finance. We are an extension to your business. Take the first step towards change with Cargodian, which gives back control to seller and buyer.

Free Change: Choose Your Preferred Currency

Event-based payments happen in the future, exchange rates for foreign currencies can change. We take care of the individual and flexible exchange. Free of additional charges and without expensive bank processing. You get planning security and do not need a second service provider for a possible currency exchange. Cargodian Trade offers the choice of 4 currencies as currency for the mercantile trade: the buyers country currency, the sellers country currency, the EUR and the USD. When it comes to payment, the buyer can choose their preferred currency and the seller can choose their preferred currency, in which they wish to settle the contract. Predictable, reliable, affordable.
cargodian global trade solution
cargodian global trade solution

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