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Faster & Simpler Global Trade Finance.
Giving back control to the seller and buyer.

Cargodian reinvents the global trade finance market and revolutionises conventional processes which require bank licences to handle customers’ money. Instead, Cargodian steps into the trade and extends the sale chain as guardian of the cargo and payment. As a single company with subsidiaries, Cargodian operates all over the world, transforming and enabling worldwide customers to digitalise business by themselves through Cargodian Trade.

The current situation of global trade

The Problem is trust. Or rather the lack of trust. In global trade seller and buyer very often don’t know each other and don’t trust each other. Hence global trade payments are done step-by-step, an event-based action-by-counteraction with payment terms agreed to each action step (letter of credit). Letter of credit is globally dominated by trade banks. The underlying process is highly complex, mostly paper-based, slow, expensive and comes with many hurdles like availability of currencies.
Consequently, many trades just cannot be executed


Up to 45% of SME trade finance proposals are rejected.

The Solution: Cargodian Trade

Our digital global trade solution is easy to use, affordable, fast, transparent, secure and cost-efficient. We are democratizing trade finance and give back control to you – the seller and buyer. Neither banks nor letters of credit are needed for this. Cargodian is not a pre-finance, we deliver a digital embedded finance service and enter the trade settlement as a crosstrader.

Borderless & Paperless

The trade platform is purely digital and paperless. The data is transmitted in real time and both buyer and seller are directly connected in the trade.


Our high level of planning reliability and risk management, as well as our independence from banks, allow us to keep costs low. No other intermediaries are needed, neither for payments nor for currency exchange.

Secured by Blockchain

Validated and compliance-checked entities are given access to a secure Blockchain. Trades will be recorded in an immutable ledger on Hyperledger Fabric technology.

Fast Payments

Payments are initiated on an event-driven and phased basis, subject to the fulfilment of pre-agreed conditions. Cargodian processes payments through the company's own bank accounts.

Simple and fast.

Letters of credit are complex, often non-digital, administration-intensive, time-consuming and involve high costs for both buyer and seller. Communication is usually not direct and several banks may be involved. 

Our platform brings buyers and sellers together directly and enables direct communication. Based on a pre-agreed action and counter-action plan, we guarantee the agreed payment terms between buyer and seller.
Cargodian Trade is thus comparable to a documentary letter of credit (L/C).


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The current problem and our simplification of the process is shown in the video.

cargodian global trade payments

Who Is It Made for?

Cargodian is suitable for any company that is selling or buying B2B globally and is seeking step-by-step payments (best compared to letter of credit, L/C from banks). Cargodian Trade is especially attractive for the SME segment of businesses which export and/or imports globally. 

Trust, Made in Germany.

We are a Fintech company. We conceptualize and develop ourselves, in-house. We apply a web-based platform to facilitate the trade between buyer and seller (no APP needed, just enter the data on a web browser). For the immutable documentation, we apply state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Based on actions and decisions by buyer and seller, our platform technology instructs payments to the banks inline with the pre-agreed payment terms.

cargodian trade

Global trade is difficult.slow.complicated.expensive.

Especially small trades are often rejected because banks are not interested. An Asian Development Bank (ADB) research in 2019 shows up to 45% of SME trade finance proposals are rejected by banks, compared to 39% for mid to larger sized firms and 17% for multinational corporations.

Our Technology: Secure Solution

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We guarantee you high planning reliability and cost transparency. Calculate your trade costs now! With our Cargodian pricing tool you can enter your trade data and you will get your costs with one click.

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Our solution is a SAAS, absolutely transparent, secure and cost-efficient. Cargodian will become the trusted single point of contact for global traders. Our innovative technology makes blockchain easy accessible for all businesses.

Cyber Security

Cargodian has technical and organizational measures in place to ensure the security of all relevant systems and components. Cargodian systems and applications meet the German IT Security Act. We fulfil the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Secured by Blockchain

Only validated and compliance-checked entities are given access to a secure Blockchain. Trades are recorded in an immutable ledger on Hyperledger Fabric technology.


We apply international KYB-, AML-, Sanction-, Embargo-, Trade- and Anti-Corruption Compliance.