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A cooperation with Cargodian enables your bank to close a gap.
Letters of credit are often the only way for buyers to purchase goods needed urgently. For banks, letters of credits for small trade volumes are often not economically viable. Collaboration with Cargodian enables a bank to offer an innovative digital solution to complement its "in-house" trade finance products and always have a solution ready for its customers.

Alternative to Letter of Credit for Companies

As a seller or buyer, reduce your trade payment costs by up to 70% while saving 80% of your time.
Letters of credit are a proven method to cover risk for exports and imports. However, they are expensive and very time-consuming. Often, requests for letters of credit are rejected by banks. Next generation trade finance by Cargodian offers a secure and affordable alternative to conventional trade finance for buyers and sellers - with extensive compliance checks on your business partner.

Complementary Component to Credit Insurance Coverage

Define your new trade credit insurance product together with us by merging classic credit insurance products with an innovative solution for global trade processing.
Exhausted insurance limits and increasing premiums burden the growth of your policyholders. A cooperation with Cargodian enables a credit insurance to offer a complementary solution to their trade credit insurance. This increases flexibility and enables growth for your customers!

Payment Method for

Enable new and unknown customers to order your goods fast and easily with the new generation of trade finance from Cargodian.
Don't lose customers whose letter of credit has been rejected or who put additional strain on your credit insurance limit. Offer your customers a simple yet secure alternative to traditional payment methods with the easy-to-integrate innovative trade processing solution from Cargodian. Expand your target markets and attract new customer.

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Cargodian goes Malaysia

From December 2021 we are preparing Market Entry in Malaysia, with the goal to change our local branch office (which we started for market research)

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